Welcome to Eranos. Acta philologica Suecana!

Eranos — Acta philologica Suecana was founded in 1896 by Vilhelm Lundström in Uppsala. It is the oldest Scandinavian journal publishing scholarly articles on the languages, literature and history of the Greek and Roman world and its reception.

Eranos publishes original scholarly papers (in English, German, and French) on Greek and Latin philology, including Medieval Latin, Neo-Latin and Byzantine Philology, and on Antiquity and Byzantine Studies in general. We also welcome contributions in Latin and the Scandinavian languages.

The journal has an international scope. In order to maintain a high academic standard, all submissions to Eranos are subject to anonymous peer review by at least two experts prior to publication.

The board of editors has until 2022 consisted of (in alphabetical order):
Johanna Akujärvi, Lund University (sub-editor)
Erik Bohlin, University of Gothenburg
Eric Cullhed, Uppsala University
Anna Fredriksson, Uppsala University

N.B. Currently the board of editors is being reorganized. A new board is expected to be in place during 2023.

Kjell Weinius, Uppsala, is responsible for subscriptions and distribution.

Eranos is the property of Svenska klassikerförbundet.